My name is Tiffany Borland. I was born & raised in Southern California. I love the simple and the complex and the complexity of simplicities. I love shadow puppets and gloomy days and swimming when it’s pouring rain. I love being overdressed and overwhelmed and over with. I love waffles for breakfast and ice cream for lunch and in between, having both for brunch. I love greener grasses, honest smiles and bubble blowing. Waking up on my own and being alone. I love gardens and tea rooms and marshmallows in my coffee. I love outer space and under water. I love handwritten letters and getting packages in the mail. I love the quick witted and the thoughtful minded, the tiny matters that take up space and time. I love when someone saves my seat, holds the door and is overly considerate of me. I love histories and futures and this very moment in time. The way the sun says, “good morning” and the moon says, “goodnight”. I love doing things I’ve never done before while discovering places I’ve never been before. I love people that are different from the different everyone else is going for. I love dignity and class and the rarity it’s become. I love falling asleep the way people fall in love; slowly, then all at once. I love learning and growing older and wearing a dress for the first time. I love The Great Gatsby and Charles Bukowski and Blair Waldorf’s closet. I love everything and nothing at all.

I’m happy.