I like NY as a friend.

I went to New York for a week. It started off rough but ended up being amazing. I ran into old friends, made new friends, lit fireworks in the streets at 3am, stayed up all night, got caught in the pouring rain and got to eat the best waffle I’ve ever had in my life (I actually still think about this 8 dollar waffle all the time. :/) I plan on visiting again in the Fall and hopefully every 3-6 months now that I have such wonderful, reliable friends that live out there. I’m so so grateful for each and every one of them and the time that we spent.

My first night there. Waiting on the stairs for my friend Eric to get home.

SOHO. Where I finally got to experience Topshop.

I loved the sellers on the street.

The next day, Eric and I went all over and had the greatest time.

Waffle of my dreams.

Old fashioned taxi.

Central Park.

The Plaza Hotel. I’m pretty obsessed with movie Home Alone 2..So, I was excited about this.

FAO Schwarz. The toy store Kevin went to in Home Alone 2. I kinda went crazy in here.



The one with the stars was my favorite. Strawberry Champagne.

Some guy passed out at The Jane.

He needed a hug.

I have this thing where I say, “Although…” at the end of random sentences and leave whoever I’m speaking with in suspense.

Ran into my friends from The Growlers and they were playing shows in NY and invited me to a festival the following day.


birthday happiness.

Waiting for the train at 4am.

Spent Saturday at a festival with my LA friends…They made me miss home.
& got to spend a great deal of time with this amazing girl, Alyssa!

Alyssa’s a babe.



The Growlers.

The next morning, I watched Chris leave for work while I got ready to leave the state.

went to Union Square to meet up with my beautiful friend Jenna!

& ate dumplings! Then took a taxi to JFK.

Can’t wait to visit again.