as tall as cliffs.

I had finally got around to getting this ASOS dress altered before A/J took me away to the mountains. I’m so happy that I had it because it fit in with the cabin decor and I loved wearing it around the fire while sipping apple cider. I will make a post soon filled with beautiful […]

I like NY as a friend.

I went to New York for a week. It started off rough but ended up being amazing. I ran into old friends, made new friends, lit fireworks in the streets at 3am, stayed up all night, got caught in the pouring rain and got to eat the best waffle I’ve ever had in my life […]

windy city (part 3).

The final Chicago post. Honestly, I miss Chicago so much. I miss my family there and the friends I made. I’m seriously contemplating staying there for a month. We’ll see… lunch. mine. at the Willis Tower. the view was so breathtaking. being up there makes you appreciate life. the glass room. dinner. We went to […]

windy city (part 2).

This is just a continuation of my prior post. I spent time downtown with my cousin, Ashley, ate chicago style pizza, went to a wedding, the beach and a festival. Boop! millenium park. the pizza was SO good. at the water tower with woody! make good choices. & then came my cousin, Anthony’s wedding.. I […]