birthday roids.

These are long overdue, but I’m glad I waited because flipping through them took me back to memories of ocean waves, spa treatments and dinner dates with my favorite boy. It was such a beautiful time in my life and I can’t reminisce without smiling or laughing to myself because during those days I was filled with absolute joy.

I believe there are few moments or instances that are completely perfect in every way and this is one of mine; It was my 24th birthday and A/J had me skip work, packed up all of our things (fancy clothes, polaroid cameras and high heels) and we drove down to the port. I cried the whole car ride because I hate not knowing and then we arrived. The ship stretched out so far and we boarded soon after. We spent each morning waking up to room service being delivered and watched the sunrise from the balcony. The ocean went for miles and miles and seagulls perched on our railing. Day time hours were spent in the private spa laying on heated stones while wearing face masks. We swam some evenings or sat in hot tubs and ate and ate. We ordered every dessert item on the menu one night and our table was filled with heart shaped brownies, creme brulee and every flavor sorbet. It was like a dream. We joked about living on the ship..never coming back. I was half serious when I joked. I wore dresses with bows, feathers and pretty pleats. We went out dancing and laughing, watching comedy shows and attending trivia games. We never won any but I felt like we did because everything was perfect.

Post Script.
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