birthday roids.

These are long overdue, but I’m glad I waited because flipping through them took me back to memories of ocean waves, spa treatments and dinner dates with my favorite boy. It was such a beautiful time in my life and I can’t reminisce without smiling or laughing to myself because during those days I was […]

birthday time.

Boop! Today I turn 24 and I’ll be celebrating with everyone I love. I’m so happy and lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people! Here’s an outfit that I plan on wearing for the birthday festivities & I’ll be updating my instagram all throughout the weekend. All Photos by Felix FotoOutfit Details: Vintage Polka […]

the perfect birthday outfit.

My birthday is tomorrow and I’m always happy to grow a year older shortly after the new year. I’ve been wanting to wear a pink poofy princess dress for my birthday for a while now and finally found the perfect one from Topshop! The dress screams “birthday” and since it’s from Topshop, it runs a […]

instagram – january.

I’ve been so lazy when it’s come to taking photos of my day to day! It’s just so much easier to snap moments with my phone and update instagram. Either way, I figured I’d post a few instagram highlights from the month of January. Which was probably one of the best months of my life! […]


I went on a surprise trip for my birthday weekend and it was kind of amazing. The day before we left, A/J told me to pack warm clothes, so I loaded up with coats and hats and scarves. It took a while to get there and when we finally did, my eyes turned into waterfalls […]

happy birthday (to me).

Today I turn 23 and I am the happiest person. I’m at such a great place in my life and I can’t complain about anything… seriously…I’m not allowed. I’m so grateful to be another year older and to have all of you, to share my experiences with! Here’s to 23! Photo by Christopher Captain for […]