birthday roids.

These are long overdue, but I’m glad I waited because flipping through them took me back to memories of ocean waves, spa treatments and dinner dates with my favorite boy. It was such a beautiful time in my life and I can’t reminisce without smiling or laughing to myself because during those days I was […]

outfit timeline 2013: september – december.

I’m alone and listening to Margot and The So and So’s and things are calm and perfect. I’m finally settled back in and have gotten around to finishing up the last of my 2013 timeline. Looking through these photos, I can remember every event, party and outing I went to and what I wore while […]


Two thousand twelve has been one of my favorite years to date. I’ve always been a fan of twos and ones and I turned twenty-two in early January and that made everything superstitiously meaningful. This year, I didn’t break any hearts or lose any friends or care too much about anything. Oh wait. Actually one […]