april showers / may flowers.

April and May were so good to me. I’ve kept busy, had fun and done things I’ve never done before..but will probably do again! I haven’t made a photo diary post in a while, so here goes…a collection of photos of events, parties, and outings that I’ve attended in the past two months! at the […]


Halloween came and went! I spent Thursday through Sunday going to SO many Halloween parties and events that when it came time for actual Halloween Day, I was exhausted and stayed in. I’m honestly going to miss dressing up every night and seeing everyone in character. I especially loved running into people that were so […]

week of october second and ninth.

I’m still compiling all the photos from the previous weeks. Here’s some moments that I captured during the first couple of weeks in October. Zooey Magazine had an event on the rooftop pool at the W. There were so many wonderful people and companies there that it was somewhat overwhelming. My arms were filled with […]

week of september twenty-fifth.

These were all taken back in September. I got to see Bright Eyes perform at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. He played most of my favorite songs and was nothing less than incredible, but I felt the show ended too soon and I was left wanting more. I guess that would always be the case, though. […]

week of september eleventh & eighteenth.

This is late :/ but these were the events that happened the second & third week of September. It included a trip to the W, AJ’s birthday, Cycle Fest, bingo!, Hipster Piano Bar, puppies and a bunch of other stuff. Cherokee Neas. One of my favorite couples. So cute. I got AJ this birthday cake. […]

week of september fourth.

I haven’t made a weekly post since July because I was on vacation and all of that, but I’m back to updating! These weren’t even taken this past week, but I’m playing catch up. Anyhow, here goes: My friend Nate&I, dressed up as soldiers and went to a bar. I don’t drink… so, Nate drank […]