Halloween came and went! I spent Thursday through Sunday going to SO many Halloween parties and events that when it came time for actual Halloween Day, I was exhausted and stayed in. I’m honestly going to miss dressing up every night and seeing everyone in character. I especially loved running into people that were so concealed by their costumes that I couldn’t even recognize them as my friends. Haha. As mentioned before, I was Catwoman/Halle Berry and I absolutely loved my costume! I was happy that it covered my entire body and I was left feeling a lot warmer than the girls that wore lingerie and bunny ears (Mean Girls; “I’m a mouse, duh”). On Sunday, I did opt for a change and wore my old Little Red Riding Hood costume, which was perfect because my friend Anthony was a Wolf that night!

Masquerade Ball at the W.

little mouse.

I went to this incredible party called Royal Carnivale and they had everything from stilt walkers to fire breathers to carnival games and popcorn. Definitely one of my favorite parties. I wish I took more photos!

My brother&me.

House Parties.


My friend Holland. He was the guy from Mad Men.

My beautiful friend’s Alexa & Mariah with me at La Descarga’s Narnia party

A little Action Jackson.

little red & the big bad wolf.