wonder woman!

wonder woman!

Halloween is one of my favorite days in the entire year, because I love playing dress up and putting together my costumes. I’ve been wanting to be Wonder Woman for a while now and it seems like every Halloween, I become overwhelmed by all of the things I want to be and veer off somewhere […]

halloween instagrams.

Halloween week is always one of my busiest weeks! Usually A/J and I will attend countless parties/ much that we need multiple costume changes. Since he’s been in London on tour, I decided to stick to one costume and spend nights out with my brother and best friends. I attended the Halloween Parade in Hollywood […]


Many of you may know that Halloween is my favorite holiday! I always love dressing up and I usually have about 3 or 4 costumes that I wear throughout the Halloween Week! This year I only have one costume and I’m a leopard! I’ve wanted this costume for a while now, since I had so […]

happy halloween.

Halloween is such an interesting holiday. We all wear costumes and mask and paint our faces, so that we’re unrecognizable. Then we scare one another and eat candy. We really can be anyone or anything we want this day. Why do we only do this once a year?! It should happen at least once a […]


My halloween costume this year. What are you going to be? Post Script.lookbook | tumblr | chictopia | bloglovin | facebook


Halloween came and went! I spent Thursday through Sunday going to SO many Halloween parties and events that when it came time for actual Halloween Day, I was exhausted and stayed in. I’m honestly going to miss dressing up every night and seeing everyone in character. I especially loved running into people that were so […]