halloween instagrams.

Halloween week is always one of my busiest weeks! Usually A/J and I will attend countless parties/events..so much that we need multiple costume changes. Since he’s been in London on tour, I decided to stick to one costume and spend nights out with my brother and best friends. I attended the Halloween Parade in Hollywood and spent the night taking photos with strangers, costume watching and capping the night off at Saddle Ranch. DMX came up to me while I was eating and offered my candy. I said “No. I don’t trust you.” and spent the night joking that he was only dressed as DMX for Halloween. He spent a good amount of time trying to prove that he was the real DMX (he was). I made friends with cops (real and fake) and stayed up way too late at warehouse parties downtown. It was such a great time! Now, I need a cat nap…

Post Script.
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