Twenty – Thirteen was filled with work and love and whatever crosses over in between. I spent most weekdays in an office, at castings, or modeling and the weekends were spent venturing off with a/j to museums, dinner dates, and nature sightings. We took road trips up to San Francisco and ate at farms along […]

halloween instagrams.

Halloween week is always one of my busiest weeks! Usually A/J and I will attend countless parties/ much that we need multiple costume changes. Since he’s been in London on tour, I decided to stick to one costume and spend nights out with my brother and best friends. I attended the Halloween Parade in Hollywood […]


A couple of days ago I attended Moxie Comm’s magnificent blogger party with my beautiful friend, Danielle. The party was held in a poolside cabana at The Roosevelt in Hollywood. It was complete with cake pops, jewelry and giant gift bags filled with items from Ivory Mason, CJ by Cookie Johnson, My other bag, Nicki […]


Two thousand twelve has been one of my favorite years to date. I’ve always been a fan of twos and ones and I turned twenty-two in early January and that made everything superstitiously meaningful. This year, I didn’t break any hearts or lose any friends or care too much about anything. Oh wait. Actually one […]

south by south west.

A couple of weeks ago, my brother and I took a spontaneous trip to Austin, TX for South by South West. I had been debating about going to SXSW for some time, but things would come up and plans would fall through and when I had just about given up on going… we found a […]