a year in review


Twenty – Thirteen was filled with work and love and whatever crosses over in between. I spent most weekdays in an office, at castings, or modeling and the weekends were spent venturing off with a/j to museums, dinner dates, and nature sightings. We took road trips up to San Francisco and ate at farms along […]

guide to gatsby.

Pretty much everyone knows that I’m a huge fan of The Great Gatsby. My blog, Tuolomee is actually named after the yacht in The Great Gatsby. I read the book every summer to gain inspiration and fall back into a place of drop waist dresses, extravagant mansions and genuine love. I had mixed feelings when […]


Two thousand twelve has been one of my favorite years to date. I’ve always been a fan of twos and ones and I turned twenty-two in early January and that made everything superstitiously meaningful. This year, I didn’t break any hearts or lose any friends or care too much about anything. Oh wait. Actually one […]