outfit timeline 2014: january – april

outfit timeline 2014: january – april

2014 went by so quickly! I spent the year growing, developing and meeting goals. I finally got to open my online store and collaborate with my favorite fashion companies like Missguided, ASOS and bebe! In modeling, I got my first billboard in Time Square and also print ads arounds around the world. I’m so grateful […]

outfit timeline 2013: september – december.

I’m alone and listening to Margot and The So and So’s and things are calm and perfect. I’m finally settled back in and have gotten around to finishing up the last of my 2013 timeline. Looking through these photos, I can remember every event, party and outing I went to and what I wore while […]

outfit timeline 2013: may – august.

I’m in Arizona for some marketing meetings and finally spent some of my free time following up my January – April timeline post. It’s funny how quick time goes by when you’re flying from here to there. I completely forgot about NYFW this month and agreed to spend company time in Arizona instead. Oh well, […]

outfit timeline 2013: january – april.

When I was recapping 2013, I thought that it would be hard to top, but this year has already started off so beautifully. I cannot wait to share exciting news, the times I’ve already spent and the things I look forward to. Here is a look back at my outfits from January – April of […]


Twenty – Thirteen was filled with work and love and whatever crosses over in between. I spent most weekdays in an office, at castings, or modeling and the weekends were spent venturing off with a/j to museums, dinner dates, and nature sightings. We took road trips up to San Francisco and ate at farms along […]

outfit timeline: july – december 2012.

I finally got around to finishing my outfit timeline of 2012… Here is a collection of outfits from July – December. It’s so funny to look back at all of my old outfits and styling them differently in my head. I really can’t wait to start this year with more color, edge and highly stylized […]